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Jane Hillenbrand in 2018 is writing daily about feelings and memories of past twenty years with late husband, lover, companion and mentor George Lee Hall. Dealing mentally and emotionally with his death and moving on with a new life in 2018. Jane is a graduate of SUNY at Morrisville and SUNY at Onondaga Hill campus in Nursing and Computer Technology; retired from Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York where she worked in Surgery for 20 plus years and SUNY @ Upstate Medical School where she was supervisor Nurse for Department of Ophthalmology. As a traveling nurse she worked in Illinois and Nevada in various medical centers and clinics. An avid travel of the USA in a motor home and Corvette, her and her late husband traveled the Southwest, Midwest and where ever the 'mother road 'Route 66' would take them. 2018 is lifestyle change. she is back to traveling solo, reflecting back on times shared with her late husband. Come ride along, it will be interesting. Seasoned senior with a story to tell about Acute Osteomylitis and treatment . (2015 blog)

2018 Day 31 New friends & Gargoyles

Prospect Avenue had a great gargoyle statue that I passed daily on my drive to  work. He was very interesting as he was alone , sat on a rock pedestal, was not a water spout. He guarded the yard.  His … Continue reading

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2018 Day 26 1998 Hard drive files

 Saving files on you computer in1998 was new concept for organized living. Categorize, create a file and save. In 1998 it was new technology.  Lee had fun stuff files, pics files, important files and comics files.  He had private files … Continue reading

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2018 Day 23 Robert Atkinson Fox Print

December in Illinois is like spring in New York. Gray skies, cold wind and no sun. Being an art collector of Robert Atkinson Fox, we traveled to Avon Illinois to an auction that was an estate of a family that … Continue reading

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2018 Day 21 Missing pieces & Good-byes

This past week my blog came to a halt, due to Lee’s Celebration of Life.  Children, family members and old friends from the Illinois, Missouri, Texas and New York treked to Las Vegas, time had come to pay tribute.   … Continue reading

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2018 Day13 Valentines and Puppies

February brought Valentines Day. Working at OSF was  great and there where volunteers who would deliver items to patients. and nurse managers offices. I recieved a  flower arrangement delivered to my office that my employees found interesting. Up until  then … Continue reading

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2018 Day 12 January and the River

January brought ice to the shores of the Illinois River. Living about one mile from the River, our daily drive to work was on Galena Road which ran along the River.  The barges moved through the icy water and the … Continue reading

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2018 Day 10 December 4, 1997

December brings a birthday to Lee.  53. His pony tail is 8 months old. Beard is 7 months old.  He has a new Sweatshirt from that he picked out for a birthday present. Thursday is the day this year. … Continue reading

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