July 11, 2015 My Storm Chasers

‘I thought if I could touch this place or feel it
this brokenness inside me might start healing.
Out here its like I’m someone else,
I thought that maybe I could find myself
if I could just come in I swear I’ll leave.
Won’t take nothing but a memory
from the house that built me.’…..Miranda Lambert

Mc Donald Road House Syracuse New York 2002

Mc Donald Road House
Syracuse New York 2002

Lilac bush, McDonald Road house, Winter back deck

Lilac bush, McDonald Road house, Winter back deck


Journeys are faithful travelers who move you through life, peaks and valleys, success and laughter. Some of you know my “journey” so this is for the readers who do not.

Born in Syracuse New York on July 22, 1949. to the ‘fun loving story telling, beer drinkin’ Hillenbrand Clan.  Fifth child and appropriately named baby Jane.  Three brothers, 20 years, 18 years and 10 years older- yes I was a pain in the ass to all. Early memories remain of always being the center of attention, spoiled rotten and truly blessed to have the family I grew up in.  Brothers married, more family, I became an Aunt Jane at age 5.  Three brothers produced 19 nephews and nieces over fifteen years. Holidays where great, as my Mom was the best cook in the world for meals, and our family is a story telling family so holidays where full of talk and chatter and instilled basic ethics and philosophies to move through life with. Our home was in the country and the address was like the song. ‘McDonald’ road house. And like the “Old McDonald” song, we did have a ‘chick chick’ here and  ‘moo moo’ there. The walls of the house had many stories attached to them, gave me great shelter and security growing up.  My birthday was always in the summer, and always a party -Always. Family would descend for the outdoor event. Stories, laughter and candles on homemade chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting……..

Summer at the McDonald Road house.Deer are in the ochard

Summer at the McDonald Road house.Deer are in the ochard


I moved away when I was 17, Nursing school. Weekends and holidays the trek back to the homeland.  Always a warm hug to go home.



This week in my treatment of Osteomylititis  was a stellar week.  Infusing daily and feeling upbeat .  Tuesday was my weekly appointment with Dr Shockley, my ID doctor. Week 4 of blood draws and PICC dressing change with infusion. -The “Doc” is unique and like a ‘mad chemist’ with antibiotics. I have not found the correct words to describe his personality- but it is a ‘warm hug’ . Motivation gained from his office and office staff. I look forward to my Tuesday morning events.  My bonus this week was had an appointment to follow at Dr Beajow’s office.  Dr B is my Internal Medicine Doc. Great man. Excellent Doctor.  He manages all my ills for three years. ( I know -longer than some of my marriages !!!)  Goes to show you some MEN can put up with me- especially if they are in your Medical Insurance Network.

Wednesday – Bucket list item completed. Picked up my new healthcare proxy, will and POA papers from my Nevada attorney. This updates all previous entities.

Thursday and Friday  We has Rain the in desert. Temperatures dropped to an unseasonably low of 94 degrees.  For all who wonder- “Hell has not froze over”.

Some of you have asked me about the PICC dressing and how do I keep it dry in the shower and pool (really??)   You will need the following: 1- 1 dry wash cloth or hand towel, 2- 4 medium rubber bands  3- 1 box of GLAD “press and seal”  Wrap.

Cover the PICC line and dressing with was cloth or small towel. Use 2- rubber bands on the wash cloth- ohe on the top and one on bottom. This covers and hold the cloth in place  You can adjust and fine tune, to make sureeveryonn  Glad Wrap is next- sometimes 2 extra hands can help. Tear off 18″ to 20″‘. Start on cloth- place from elbow to arm pit (shoulder). Press the Glad Wrap on areas that touch the skin. Wrap the circumference of the arm.  2 rubber bands placed- elbow and arm pit.  Waterproof cover. PICC dressing stays dry. Photos are below.

Rastus and I are enjoying our music lesson on Saturdays with Patrick Worley. Banjo playing is fun, Patrick is a super professor.

Also this week I received an email from ‘penned named Maggie Trout’. You can see her comment on last weeks blog and she referenced the McDonald house. I thanked her and emailed her- how do I know you?  She is a friend from high school, who is still painting and living in Maine……Hi Maggie !!

Peace and Love OX Jane


In the twilight glow I see her
Blue eyes crying in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we’d never meet again

Love is like a dying ember
And only memories remain
And through the ages I’ll remember
Blue eyes crying in the rain…..Willie Nelson
(Ode to the McDonald Road House)

Photos for waterproof covering of PICC

Dry cloth over PICC dressing and PICC.Rubber bands ro secure at both ends

Dry cloth over PICC dressing and PICC.Rubber bands ro secure at both ends

All Items that are needed: GLAD Wrap-Press and seal; washcloth/small towel; 4-rubber bands

All Items that are needed: GLAD Wrap-Press and seal; washcloth/small towel; 4-rubber bands

Glad Wrap applied- -about 2 foot piece; wrap arm, rubber bands at each end...waterproof !!

Glad Wrap applied- -about 2 foot piece; wrap arm, rubber bands at each end…waterproof !!


About janehillenbrand

Jane Hillenbrand in 2018 is writing daily about feelings and memories of past twenty years with late husband, lover, companion and mentor George Lee Hall. Dealing mentally and emotionally with his death and moving on with a new life in 2018. Jane is a graduate of SUNY at Morrisville and SUNY at Onondaga Hill campus in Nursing and Computer Technology; retired from Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York where she worked in Surgery for 20 plus years and SUNY @ Upstate Medical School where she was supervisor Nurse for Department of Ophthalmology. As a traveling nurse she worked in Illinois and Nevada in various medical centers and clinics. An avid travel of the USA in a motor home and Corvette, her and her late husband traveled the Southwest, Midwest and where ever the 'mother road 'Route 66' would take them. 2018 is lifestyle change. she is back to traveling solo, reflecting back on times shared with her late husband. Come ride along, it will be interesting. Seasoned senior with a story to tell about Acute Osteomylitis and treatment . (2015 blog)
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2 Responses to July 11, 2015 My Storm Chasers

  1. Mike Flaherty says:

    Jane: The pictures of you at the house bring back so many memories of the great times we had on McDonald Rd. Playing cards in the kitchen (Jacks trips, Pal), picnics in the back yard, the burn barrel, your livestock and every so often we would get our nose over an adult beverage, with Jacks approval of course! Then the winters on the “Hill” – OMG I had almost forgotten until I saw those pictures, we only lived a mile from each other as the crow fly’s, but what a difference in weather from me being a “flatlander” to you up on the hill.

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