July 4, 2015 Weapons to Conquer the Storm

When all is gone in death and dust
The name of you will always carry on
We’re caught between the shadow and the light
I know we will be guided by the dark

Into the wild we went
Unaware of the hell they sent
We’re crossing the wastelands again
Lost kids coming home”. 

Author unknown

Treatment plan is going well,  infusing twice a day. Morning breakfast menu is 1000mg of Cubicin infusions and a side dish of 500mg Cefepime infusion.Yummy. Appetizer is 0.9 Saline flush. Dessert  is Heparin flush.  Very alchemy diet.  I also infuse 500mg Cefepime 12 hours later.  These are my main warriors in this storm and battle of Osteomyelitis.

IV infusion Meds and tools

IV infusion Meds and tools

Tuesday June 30, visit to the ID Doc, Dr Shockley. What a great upbeat office.  I look forward to this weekly visit for Labs, encouragement and laughs.  Doc is really cool and takes all the time to answer my ‘crazy’ questions. Toe exam, and lab review from last week. The antibiotic infusions are the ‘Weapons of choice’ by Doc.   Feeling warm fuzzies and gaining more strength time to take on a daily infusions this week.

Wednesday July 1, new month -Ruby and Larkspur- all July babies know them well. This my birthday month. 1949- My mother and fathers ‘change of life’ baby-  and did I ever change their life !! More to come on this topic as the old birth date approaches.

Thursday, July 2, welcomed a new member to my family. A trip to music shop ‘Guitar World’, my new toy is a 5 string ‘Banjo’.  His name is ‘Rastus’.  First lesson is Friday 4pm.  It is part of my ‘bucket list’. More on Rastus in future blogs. I just may play you all a tune……..

Friday , Saturday July 4th, Sunday days off from work. Peace, tranquility, and everything I want to do, at a snails pace.

Last but not least.  Euripides. We have been tethered  ‘ together’ 12 days.  No fights. He is behaving.  I think I will keep him .He has lasted longer than some of my marriages !!

Peace and love.



Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
High above the chimney tops,
That’s where you’ll find me. “

Songwriters: Harburg, E Y / Arlen, Harold


About janehillenbrand

Jane Hillenbrand in 2018 is writing daily about feelings and memories of past twenty years with late husband, lover, companion and mentor George Lee Hall. Dealing mentally and emotionally with his death and moving on with a new life in 2018. Jane is a graduate of SUNY at Morrisville and SUNY at Onondaga Hill campus in Nursing and Computer Technology; retired from Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York where she worked in Surgery for 20 plus years and SUNY @ Upstate Medical School where she was supervisor Nurse for Department of Ophthalmology. As a traveling nurse she worked in Illinois and Nevada in various medical centers and clinics. An avid travel of the USA in a motor home and Corvette, her and her late husband traveled the Southwest, Midwest and where ever the 'mother road 'Route 66' would take them. 2018 is lifestyle change. she is back to traveling solo, reflecting back on times shared with her late husband. Come ride along, it will be interesting. Seasoned senior with a story to tell about Acute Osteomylitis and treatment . (2015 blog)
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2 Responses to July 4, 2015 Weapons to Conquer the Storm

  1. Peg says:

    Hello, Jane. You popped into my head today. You are having too much fun, lady. Oy. Life, eh. May the banjo be with you. Peg

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