June 16, 2015 New Storm Brewing

Osteomyelitis (sometimes abbreviated to OM, and derived from Greek words osteon, meaning bone, myelo- meaning marrow, and -itis meaning inflammation) is infection and inflammation of the bone or bone marrow.[1] It can be usefully subclassified on the basis of the causative organism (pyogenic bacteria or mycobacteria) and the route, duration and anatomic location of the infection.

Once again I have acquired an infection in my lower extremities, right foot second toe.

Last year, I had a toe amputation in March. Everything was went fine with re-cooperation.

In February 2015, a occurrence, with my left foot baby toe. Oral antibiotics stopped the infection, or so we thought.  MRI with contrast reviled Cellulitis and fluid.

The end of May, my right foot second toe became victim. Emergency MD visit started the oral antibiotics, returning in 7 days . Referral to an Orthopedic surgeon foot specialist, moved me up a notch to Cellutitis – rule out Osteomylititis.  MRI of Right foot and back to Internal Medicine MD for referral to Infectious Disease MD for IV infusions.

June 16th was my first visit to the Infectious Disease MD.  Confirmed that the Osteomylititis is back.  730.07 Acute Osteomylititis as the blood work stated.

I have a PICC insertion scheduled on Monday 6/22/2015 (A peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC or PIC line) is a form of intravenous access that can be used for a prolonged period of time) .

Infusions start  on Tuesday 6/23/2015.

Will keep you updated through this blog.

I have a great medical team and you will meet them through this journey.

There is just one life for each of us: our own.



About janehillenbrand

Seasoned senior with a story to tell about Acute Osteomylitis and treatment .
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2 Responses to June 16, 2015 New Storm Brewing

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  2. Mike Flaherty says:

    Jane: You have advocated for and fought hard for your patients for near 50 years. You never settled for second best and I know you well enough to say you never will. I’m sure you will fight your own health issues with the same vigor that you have fought for others. Sounds like you have an outstanding health team and together you will overcome this little temporary setback and move on forward with the best of results. If there is ever anything I can do just let me know, I can be there for you in the morning! Been there, done that!

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