Facing the Storm: First Week of Treatment

A very merry unbirthday to me,
(To who?)
To me,
(Oh you!)
A very merry unbirthday to you,
(To me?)
Yes you,
(Oh me!)
Lets all congraulate us with another cup of tea,
A very merry unbirthday
From Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
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Monday morning, Day One
Today I had my PICC placed at Sunrise Medical Center Infusion Center. Except for eighteen months in the 1970’s, when I was employed in the Operating Room, I never had the opportunity to use the Medical Center.  Today is also my unbirthday,on the 22nd of each month except July, I have for years celebrated this day. A marker for future goals in my life.
Registering at admissions, filling out more forms in the Infusion Center. Robert, RN BSN is the charge nurse and is very upbeat  with introductions and explanation of  today’s placement.
Michelle, RN was my nurse who placed the PICC in my Right Upper arm. ( WOW have I been out of patient care too long.) New computer world for placement of PICC lines. (EKG guided PICC placement proved accurate in consistently guiding the terminal tip to the superior vena cava (SVC). Michelle’s

Michelle, RN

Michelle, RN

skill and knowledge and our conversation throughout the procedure made a rather complicated task painless and very comfortable.  She printed out the placement on my EKG strip to give to the ID MD on Tuesday’s appointment. I told her she truly has a great skill.  This a a very positive experience for day one.  (PICC name is Euripides )

 Next , was a MRI of the Right foot, second toe focus .  Over to radiology, as I was already signed into the hospital, admitting to a new department was minimal.  This MRI is an easy one, as my feet go in the tube….but the earplugs are still needed.  Just lay me down in an air conditioned room, I had a great nap with the MRI magnets snapping in the back ground.  The xray techs are nice, and seeing I am a frequent flier in radiology,we caught up on the latest ‘happening’ in our lives.
6/23/2015  Tuesday morning Day Two
 There is just nothing I can write to describe my Infectious Disease MD, Dr Ronald Shockley. This is my Second office visit. He is  VERY outgoing, happy, borderline crazy-fun and very adept. Comfort zone plus. Anita runs the front desk ( and everything else in the office) and is very compassionate to all patients and questions asked. After the vitals, she told me my MRI report was there from Monday. Being bad, I asked her if it was okay, she said that Doc would talk to me but something about the 3rd toe. 
Center stage- Doc enters the room….warm hug , smiling. A review of the MRI , leaves some question to him. He will be going to radiology and talking to the radiologist for clarification.  He will be prescribing
‘Cubicin 1000 mg/QD   and  Cefepime 2 Gm/BID with blood draw every Tuesday. This  will run for 6 weeks. May change depending on blood work and visual assessment of  right foot.   I know I have the best shot of treating this  right foot and toe with Dr Shockley. I am at peace that this is going to be a positive outcome.
The infusion nurse Faith, has had a flat tire on car coming to the office, so the infusion training starts on Wednesday AM
6/23/2015 Wednesday AM Day 3
Faith,RN is my mentor IV infusion.  When I first saw her I thought -OMG she is 18 years old. But she is not. She is experienced ICU nurse. And a bit older that 18,  her IVP skills are fantastic. Teaching as she talks and spot on with mixing of drugs, delivery of drugs and maintaining the PICC  site.  She is fun, and smart.  I am very lucky (again). 
6/24/2015- Thursday Day 4
On my own.  Refrig full of vials of medications, a box of pre filled syringes to mix and flush, needles, ans alchol pads.  Takes me back to my anesthesia days working in the Operating Room and mixing drugs. But Now I have to infuse myself….all went fine. Two drugs  in the morning and one 12 hours later.    I infuse before work  and after work. Works well
Rest of week went fine.All is good, no reactions from Meds and life is good.

Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.


Receiving Room

Receiving Room

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June 16, 2015 New Storm Brewing

June 16, 2015 New Storm Brewing.

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June 16, 2015 New Storm Brewing

Osteomyelitis (sometimes abbreviated to OM, and derived from Greek words osteon, meaning bone, myelo- meaning marrow, and -itis meaning inflammation) is infection and inflammation of the bone or bone marrow.[1] It can be usefully subclassified on the basis of the causative organism (pyogenic bacteria or mycobacteria) and the route, duration and anatomic location of the infection.

Once again I have acquired an infection in my lower extremities, right foot second toe.

Last year, I had a toe amputation in March. Everything was went fine with re-cooperation.

In February 2015, a occurrence, with my left foot baby toe. Oral antibiotics stopped the infection, or so we thought.  MRI with contrast reviled Cellulitis and fluid.

The end of May, my right foot second toe became victim. Emergency MD visit started the oral antibiotics, returning in 7 days . Referral to an Orthopedic surgeon foot specialist, moved me up a notch to Cellutitis – rule out Osteomylititis.  MRI of Right foot and back to Internal Medicine MD for referral to Infectious Disease MD for IV infusions.

June 16th was my first visit to the Infectious Disease MD.  Confirmed that the Osteomylititis is back.  730.07 Acute Osteomylititis as the blood work stated.

I have a PICC insertion scheduled on Monday 6/22/2015 (A peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC or PIC line) is a form of intravenous access that can be used for a prolonged period of time) .

Infusions start  on Tuesday 6/23/2015.

Will keep you updated through this blog.

I have a great medical team and you will meet them through this journey.

There is just one life for each of us: our own.


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