Late September 2012- October 2, 2012

The last week of September, I drove our car to Syracuse, New York  for winter storage. With the purchase of a truck this spring, that will be towed behind the motorhome, the Car did not need to be shipped to our destination.

Our destination next spring is Upstate New York, Syracuse for spring, summer and fall. This will be a new trail we will blaze from Florida, touring the East coast of the country along the way.

Early Thursday morning, leaving Lee and the cats in Breakm9 to start the trek of 850 miles to Syracuse my ever faithful 2005 Deville  “Sea Gull” roared out the Illinois river valley, toward Chicago and East to Syracuse.

The trip was a great trip- 2 stops for gas and a final stop and home for 5 days at Flaherty’s Bed and Breakfast. Same great resort we stayed in August in the motorhome at the Flaherty’s RV Park. I may mention from my first blog, that proprietor Michael Flaherty has expanded his resort  and has opened a Bed and Breakfast.  Flaherty’s is best Bed and Breakfast in New York State, with a kitchen that can cook any entree you request. Mike refers to his kitchen as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and it is full of food, laughs, card playing a the table the  family gather to share food and memories.

Friday morning, Mary arrived at Flaherty’s Bed and Breakfast armed with bags of popcorn, the best oyster crackers in the world, peanuts in the shell and her famous “Dump Cake”. We hit the road to look at prospective places to live in next year, went to Mc Lusky’s Apple Orchard- I am thinking Apple pie!!!, a trip to Otisco Lake, Marcellus, Onondaga Hill and Western Lights Shopping Center.  We picked Mike up from work at the Onondaga County Building in downtown Syracuse.  Then once back home the cooking began for the evening.

The days passed fast, card games where HOT, and family is the best.

Sea Gull went into her nest for the winter on Monday October 1st. Safe and warm in a building that is secure and heated for the winter.  Mike took the day off from work and we had fun driving around.  Cousin Laura came over for dinner that night, she brought a book for me that she had recommended in August and I could not find in Peoria. Very cool book called ‘Heaven is for Real’ about a child who dies in the Operating Room and returns to tell his story.

I left Syracuse that night, Mary took me to the train station. Amtrak 449 to Chicago left about 10pm.  The city looked like a light show, bright and sparkling in the dark night background.  The train was out of Boston and packed with fun loving people who like to travel the rails, talk and visit the club car for a night cap.  Toledo, Ohio stop at 6:30am, daylight was breaking, club car reopened and the rails where parallel to the Interstate I had driven days earlier. The 449 arrived in Chicago, I found my transfer train  and left Chicago on Train 321 south to San Antonio, Texas. Stopping 120 miles South of Chicago in Bloomington,Illinois. my train adventure had ended.  As the train slowed down at the station,  Lee was waiting for me on the platform. I was home again.

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August and September 2012

For eighteen months, Lee and our two cats have been traveling the USA in our motorhome. I am the driver, Lee is the map navigator and the two cats , well they are along for the ride.
I have wanted to start a blog, but thinking writing in my spiral notebooks was not of this millennium, I am taking on the electronic blog, invite friends and family to read and go from there.

Summer 2012 has been a HOT summer in central Illinois. This is our second summer at Spindler’s Campground and Marina. Located on the Illinois River, in East Peoria, Illinois.
We are making our yearly trek to my hometown, Syracuse, New York. We stayed at the best RV Resort in Syracuse – Flaherty’s RV Campgrounds, located conveniently on the south side with easy on and off from Int Rt 81 and Int Rt 690. The owner of the campgrounds has been a great friend for about 55 years. Before that our parents where friends. South siders- Elmwood area of Syracuse. As always, Michael Flahertry opened his yard and house for our stay.
Every night at 6pm we had family dinners with a card game. Best story telling you could ever imagine. Laughs and story telling.
Mary Costello – number one girl friend,and good cook. Armed with bags of popcorn, peanuts and the best ever pulled pork….and cake maker……would joint the fun in “Hell’s Kitchen” to prepare meals for the nightly event.
Laura Mumford- jointed nightly meals and always brought dessert to kill for. It had been a year since I had seen Laura-but she as always had a smile, and laugh.
Gwen Bensen-Landry- was our new member to the family dinner. Last year she was living in Phoenix AZ. She brought laughter and more desserts to the table.

This is our blended family- we all come together and party. We talk about family and how it was 30+ years ago. Much needed for all of US. We eat, laugh and cry. We have all been there, did that and are coming around again.

Besides the daily dinners, our new venture was to take on the NY State Fair. Free for all of us on Senior Citizens Day. Learned alot that day.
#1–How to determine if I was a chicken or an eagle (this one is for you Laura)
#2–Kiss a Holstein Cow….
#3–That I can no longer walk around the NY Fair…..without calling 911!!!!!!
#4– Old friends and family are the best

A mission was completed for me also. On Friday August 21, in Marcellus NY, my family joined me and buried my brother John. Sunny day, his friend Danny was there, and although I never wanted to let go, John is where he wanted to be, with his Mom and Dad.

And as all vacations end- September 1st, we left our friends and family to return to Illinois. Smiles and happy memories. Warm fuzzies for sure

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